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Dee For Drawing


I am Dejeshwini, ( pronounced "dee-jesh-we-nee" ) freelance illustrator living peacefully in joyful city Chennai. Ever since I found a pencil when I was a toddler crawling on the floor, I started to explore the wonderful world of art and drawing. I don't have a memory of not drawing a single day. I directly plunged into this profession by choice despite being a commerce graduate and yes! I'm a self taught artist, I don't follow syllabus in art when everything around me can teach art!


I love creating illustrations that makes people to relive their sweet past and tickle their ribs. I love to draw everything cute and funny, when feeling bored I watch videos of baby chimps smile and elephant calves bath in tubs.

always look out for new and exciting opportunities, if you have such a project proposal feel free to ping me at


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