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Client Work Virbac India 

Virbac Animal Health India. is a subsidiary of Virbac SA, the company offers a comprehensive range of products and services intended for veterinarians, farmers and animal owners. Virbac India approached me with an exciting fun project of creating a mascot for their brand. The mascot have to be a "dog", he should be cheerful and adorable in his own way, these were the minimal requirements of the mascot. The scope of the mascot is to be used for promotional purposes across their social media handle. It was such a fun and fulfilling project which kept me on toes for a while, currently I'm illustrating comic strips for them featuring this mascot or we call "Virbac Dog" :)


Oorla is an Indian brand who are known for bringing authentic South Indian Sweets and snacks sourced directly from century old regional shops to customer's door-step. The description of the projects is that, the two mascots should represent "Sweets & Snacks". The mascots exemplify South Indian appearance which is the key component of the brand.

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