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Project Revelation

Hey there!

I love creating artworks for products, especially stand alone illustrations. One such illustration project is the one where I got to illustrate a cover art for a notebook. The theme was a deity "lord Venkateshwara"

The project was kickstarted with thumbnail sketches and we eventually landed on a concept sketch that we both my client and myself were satisfied with. Sketching and coming up with concepts is the most hardest part in creating illustrations in general, once we ace it, we are unstoppable! believe me, colouring sometimes gets easy, if only the sketch is solid and communicates the concept clearly. Now you know why I'm sketching everyday no matter what?

so, yes, if you want to have a free flowing drawing language you have to have a sketch booking habit and draw daily whatever you like.

As we agreed upon the concept, I proceeded designing the back cover, it was so much fun!

We further developed the illustration to rough colours and below is the final illustration!

So, this how the illustration was made, thank you for following along! I hope you may have found this interesting and useful!

Until next time,


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