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What really is art for me?

Hello there!Few days back amidst of heat wave in Chennai, we got surprise rains! it was beautiful. I always consider rain as a sign of hope! I feel this especially when the cool breeze that hits before it starts to rain. A rush of hopefulness surmounts me. It's one serene moment when I get good ideas to draw, I think every artists and writers have such conducive moments where they think profoundly and come up with beautiful assumptions through their art, it may not be completely right, but it's always honest!

The illustration you see below is something that I made during the aforementioned situation. I felt so blessed at that time for being an artist because it enabled me to feel an emotion and bring it to life. Literally I can make you see inside my mind! isn't that amazing! Of course, the art may not be perfect but it definitely holds the entirety of a particular feeling and it speaks volume. 

In case you are not aware of what happened recently, there was a sudden upheaval in artist community, we saw huge number of artist moving to another platform leaving instagram. The reason for such a migration was their art being scraped for AI training. I do find it unfair and unethical to steal someone's work, but in the age of internet I always been aware that whatever we post online will get stolen, copied or misused. It's an undeniable fact. 

I believe art is first created in mind and then it gets expressed on paper. Do you see the difference in perspective I'm putting forth here? Do you call the colours and forms you see on paper as art or the intuition of the artist that lead them to express their vision on paper?  What weighs and means more to you?

What AI can produce is like a puppet's expression. It may never have the intuition that was born from sheer organic feelings intertwined with human experiences. This is where I feel Ai may loose. 

There are two types of ways art is created generally,

1. Creating art and then making it commercial - which means you create an illustration that speaks YOU! your ideas, visions, and intuitions. Your art that speaks your voice. Then finding a way to commercialise your art in the market for a fair deal. 

2. Creating art for making it commercial - Which means creating art only from the perspective of commercialising it. It's not a crime to create art like this, it's just that it may not survive for long period and a sense of your identity as an artist will never be known. But, this kind of art is also needed for some people, may it be artists or non-artists, they have their own reasons and I understand it.

The kind of art that I want to create will be the #1

I really want to address this issue in my newsletter because many young artists need to hear this, it's for them. I will still create illustrations that speaks for itself and share them as much as possible because only I can say my stories and visions. 

New project update!


Have you ever seen the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients we consume from our food as fun little characters? It's a new book I illustrated, "Happy and Khushi's Veggie Adventure" penned by Parveen Minocha.

The poem is about educating kids the nutritional benefits they get by eating vegetables in a fun pictorial representation, when I first heard the poem lines, I felt I can play a lot with the content. My author Parveen gave me full creative freedom and the ideas blossomed like crazy, not kidding! 

I imagined a lot of creative concepts but the moment I envisioned the nutrients as characters I knew this book is going to be super fun to create and it was indeed. 

These are the two human characters named 'Happy and Khushi' We decided to keep them resonating with their names, it was so much fun designing and illustrating them.

Books and projects like these will definitely fuel our creative drive. If you are an artist or someone who wish to work on projects that's enabling you, choose the ones that's challenging and envision your creative response. Hope you have got some insights from this letter.

If you have read till this, I'm ever grateful for your interest and time. hope you find this helpful, Thanks a ton!

Until next time,


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